Harmful PesticidesSure, it’s easy to reach for the Raid when you see a creepy-crawly but what do you do when you have pets and children in the house? Are you cautious and hesitant in using pesticides because you have a pet or a child? Pesticides are especially dangerous for pets and children because 1) they are closer to the ground and 2) they are not as resilient to chemicals. Many people feel lost when it comes to pesticide free solutions for those who have pets and children but we have some ideas.

The best defense is a good offense. Prevention is preferable to cure. Both of these sayings are true, so first and foremost, do what you can to prevent insects and wildlife pests from getting into your home. Deny them the opportunities to find food by keeping your house clean.

Go old-school.

  • Use good old-fashioned cleaning methods. Vacuum and dust regularly.
  • Clean with non-toxic homemade solutions made of equal parts vinegar and water.
  • Spraying ant hills with pesticides can make things worse by causing the ants to disperse and set up multiple new colonies. Instead, use syrup or honey to attract them to a place where you can then safely pour boiling water on them. Plant mint near your entranceways to deter ants.
  • Trap rats with peanut butter.
  • Peppermint-oil-soaked cotton balls deter many insects and rodents. Stay away from mothballs, as these are toxic to pets and children alike.

There are so many pesticide free options available that chemicals should be your last choice. Before you do anything with chemicals, call a professional for advice and assistance. We’re trained on safe and humane ways of removing wildlife and we know how to rid your home of insects without harming your children or pets.

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