Protect Your Home from Raccoon Damage

raccoon seasonSpring means warmer weather, flowers, melted snow, and baby animals such as raccoons. Baby raccoons may be cute, but it isn’t cute when they move from their home to yours. Spring brings baby raccoons that can cause damage to your home because they try to look for shelter. Although there are many options for them to find a natural den, human homes are an easy target for raccoons especially if your home isn’t protected from these intruders. Adult raccoons may use your home as a place to raise their babies, being born in the spring.

Signs of damage caused by raccoons include:

  • Torn soffits, torn roof shingles, and chewed fascia boards
  • Droppings in a central location, usually on the roof or inside the attic
  • Flattened insulation, ripped ducts, or chewed wiring inside the attic (which can cause a fire!)

How to Prevent Raccoon Damage

There are several things you can do to discourage raccoons from taking up residence in your home. Food is the primary target for them; a constant supply of available food will mean that they won’t want to be far from your property for a long time. Food attracts all kinds of wildlife into your home, especially raccoons.

Eliminate food sources through these methods:

  1. Keep your garbage in secured trashcans with thick, heavy lids. Pressure straps or weights can be used to ensure that lids aren’t opened, since thin lids can be chewed up and broken by raccoons.
  2. Place baffles on any bird feeder poles nearby to discourage raccoons from climbing them.
  3. Make sure that there are no structures or trees near bird feeders, which will make it easy for raccoons to get to the feeder. If there are any, do what is needed to change the location of the feeder.
  4. Eliminate any pet food that’s outside. Pet food can attract a number of wildlife pests including raccoons, mice, and skunks.
  5. Apply metal flashing to house corners and wooden beams to obstruct climbing.
  6. Prevent access to your roof by cutting trees up to 8 inches away from your home.

It also helps to inspect outside your home for unsecured openings and aging construction, both of which make it easy for raccoons to enter. To fully protect your home, schedule a professional wildlife control service to eliminate unwanted intruders. Call us at Summit Wildlife Solutions today for more information or to get a FREE quote.


Spring Brings Baby Raccoons
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