The Danger of Raccoons

raccoons dangerousIf you’ve never experienced your own personal horror story with a raccoon, you may simply regard them as pretty cute creatures. And they are. They have little human-like hands, they scurry about and, for the most part, seem to keep to themselves as they scavenge. Plus, they have an almost timid appearance. Raccoons are a fairly common sight throughout the Lower Mainland and at major tourist attractions such as Stanley Park’s Prospect Point. So, it’s easy to become complacent to their presence as they interact with humans and coexist mostly harmlessly.

Of course, raccoons aren’t always docile bandits. They’re smart, wild animals that live so closely amongst us that they’ve become rather emboldened. Human activities such as leaving out trash or pet food attracts raccoons to our homes and they make themselves quite comfortable on our property. When the proximity becomes too much, things can become dangerous, pets go missing, and people get harmed.

Raccoon Nightmare

One such story recently made local headlines. Gina Chiarelli, an East Vancouver resident, was in her own backyard with her dog, Rocky, when a raccoon appeared from under her deck and attacked unprovoked.

Setting its sights on Rocky, the raccoon latched on. Although Chiarelli eventually freed her dog through strong maneuvering, she became the next target. The subsequent 15 minutes were true agony for Chiarelli, as the raccoon attacked relentlessly. Suffering 12 puncture wounds, along with scratches that would require 10 stitches, she finally managed to free herself, get indoors, and call both 911 and animal control. The pictures of Chiarelli covered in blood are truly chilling. As she pointed out in an interview with Global News, if this had been a child under attack, they could easily have died. We’re so glad that the outcome wasn’t worse.

We don’t always know where raccoons will be. Although the victim was not previously aware of the raccoon on her premises and therefore could not have taken the appropriate precautions, this local incident highlights the need for professional raccoon removal services. If you suspect that you have raccoons on your property, please call the professionals at Summit Wildlife Services for safe and humane raccoon removal.

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